Kumar Dodia

name Solid (India) Ltd provides Asphalt Mechanical Paver Finisher for paving the hot mix fabric on the built surface. The hot mix material from the truck is dumped into the paver hopper which is then conducted to the circulating screw by chain transporter. The left & right screw circulates the hot mix material equally along the paving width. The floating screed then paves this hot mix material to the desired preset thickness.Solid India Ltd - Asphalt Mechanical pavers finisher exporter & Manufacturer also offers Asphalt Mechanical pavers equipments Libya, Egypt, Kenya, uganda, nigeria, tanzania, kuwat, iraq, saudi arabia, syria, egypt, jordan, iran, kuwat, israel, afghanistan, turkey, algeria, south africa, australia, new zealand, usa, nepal, bangladesh, uae.

Importance Of Road Equipment & Road Construction Machinery

13th July 2010
In modern world roads are necessary for betterment of human kind. Road Construction is most important to build relation and to maintain relation between to civilization for that Road Equipment or Road Construction Machinery play a vital roll to construct ... Read >